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Chiney on the coast
Chiney on the coast at Levant tin mine

Cornwall is a county in the United Kingdom. It contains the southern most point in the UK (excluding the channel islands!). The maps below will give you an idea of where it is. The land is rough and windswept, moorland mainly.

Location of Cornwall
Location of Cornwall
Levant tin mine location
Levant tin mine location

My grandma lives not far away from Levant and in March 2020 I drove from York to visit her and stay with my parents who had rented a house nearby for a week. During the visit my dad and I spent a day walking to a couple of the nearby tin mines.

The trip included a tour of Geevor mine which was absolutely brilliant, highly recommended to anyone with an interest in industrial history, or the history of Cornwall.

It saddens me to say that today, Cornwall is one of the poorest areas of the UK. Jobs are incredibly hard to come by as there are no large towns or cities for many hours drive from most locations.

Once though, it was the heart of a bustling and profitable trade in Tin.

It is said that the tin in Cornwall is one of the reasons why the Romans invaded, and it was an important part of life there ever since

Most of the tin mines closed in the 1980’s due to price pressure from elsewhere in the world and I believe that only one commercial mine remains where once there were dozens dotted all up and down the coast.

This collapse has left a landscape of ruined buildings and chimneys on the edge of cliffs being battered by winds off the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some photographs of the buildings remaining around the Levant tin mine near Trewellard.

In all instances the film is Ilford FP4+ and the camera is my Canon FTb QL and 50mm ‘zebra’ lens.

Chiney on the coast
Chiney on the coast at Levant tin mine
Levant Tin Mine 1
Looking north along the coast
Ruins of tin mine buildings
Ruined tin mine buiildings at Levant, Cornwall
A wall and a chimney
three chinmeys
3 chimneys at Levant tin mine
Two chimneys
Two chimneys at Levant tin mine
Chimney at Levant
Chimney at Levant tin mine
Tin mine chimney 2
a chimney at Levant tin mine

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