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Throughout my entire photographic ‘career’ I have always just been enjoying taking photographs in the moment, enjoying where I am and what I am doing. More recently though, I have felt a calling to put some work into larger collections.

A number of photographers that I really respect have been releasing ‘zines’ for quite a while now, and that is the format that I will use to collect my works together into some thematic collections.

Currently, I have three projects under way and I thought I would share them with you here, partly because you might be interested, but partly because having them laid down in black and white makes me more likely to make the time to work on them!


corner of york minster in monochrome showing the texture of the stone

Stein is german for ‘stone’. I spent a number of years as a child in Germany and I love the language. Quite a lot of german speach is a bit onomatopoeic; it sounds like or evokes the thing that the word describes. Stein, especially when said with a German accent, does that for stone to my ears. It’s solid and heavy.

I have spent a fair bit of time inside and around York Minster with one or more of my various cameras and pretty much everything that I have photographed there is stone in one form or another. It’s the stuff that the colossal cathedral is made from, it’s the floor, it’s the many statues inside and out.

Pillar with Lubitel
Pillar and Clouds at Castle Howard

Stone is all around, above and below us. We have used it to biuld with for thousands of years and I don’t think we are likely to stop using it at least in my lifetime. I am including ‘brick’ as seen in the pillar above. Whilst not strictly stone it does share many of the qualities and is used for many of the same applications.

S T E I N is the project I have most content for and will probably be the first one that is created in physical form, I am really excited to see what I can create and will post regarding the process on here as it goes along.

Yorkshire Coast

I am lucky enough to live in Yorkshire. It’s a huge county (By UK standards…) and has a wide variety of landscapes form desolate moorland to bustling cityscapes to deep forests and a rugged coast dotted with towns and villages.

It was this coast that I recently decided would make a fantastic project. As I have only just started, there aren’t many examples, but here are a few from a recent visit to Robin Hood’s Bay near Whitby.

The wave
The watcher
Headland and clouds

Nowhere to go

The third and final long term project that I am working on is ‘nowhere to go’, a collection exploring and reflecting my life with depression.


I have written extensively about the interation of photography and my mental health in an article for, so I won’t reproduce it here, but please do pop over and read it (link).

self portrait of rob davie photographer and writer
the blurred self

The themes are/will be: emptiness, direction and lack thereof, light and dark and the blurring of reality inside your head.

step through

So there we have it, the three projects that I am deliberately working on whenever I get the time (and funds) to indulge in this amazing hobby.

I should mention that some of the photographs above, and a number in the final collections of “S T E I N” and “Nowhere to go” are digital and come from the time before I rediscovered the joy of film. I agonised over this for far too long and eventually came to the sensible conclusion that it doesn’t matter in the slightest!

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