simple, smooth, curved and bulbous

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This is without doubt one of my favourites.

One of the photographs I am most proud of in all my years of photography.

And yet it is so simple, it’s just some (mostly) blank sky and some organic, smoothed stone. It’s the organic that drew me to the piece, the curves are so, well, curvaceous! It’s as if something alive has been turned to stone rather than sone being carved and worked by human hand.

We curve and flow through our lives. That which does not alter as the world around it alters will fracture and shatter. Even the stone in the first post on this site will not last forever; it will last longer than me, longer than you, but it won’t resist the weather forever. By standing broadside to the wind and rain it will lose. One day.

Sensuality is something that occasionally creeps into my work. This photograph has something sensual, even sexual about it. From a certain point of view it could be seen as vaguely homo-erotic. I am fine that. I saw the titilation in the angle whilst composing of course; the bulbous protrusion leering in from the right of the frame. There is nothing wrong with a little titter every now and then is there?

Art has no boundaries. I am certain of this. Just because you or I can’t find a message in a work does not mean it isn’t there for someone else to make a connection with. Art can amuse and horrify; trigger love and revulsion. I hope that my more ‘artistic’ pieces have multiple effects on different people.

One of the things I am particularly pleased about at as I reach my mid- late 40’s is that I care less about what others take from my work and indeed from me. You may love this piece as much as I do, you may be reviled by the mention of eroticism above, or you may find it bland and lifeless. All of these are fine. All of these are normal and perfectly acceptable. The effect is that I can concentrate more on producing the work itself and releasing it into the world. That it attracts any sort of response is a source of great joy, but I am satisfied if I alone can see  value.

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