Cornwall is a county in the United Kingdom. It contains the southern most point in the UK (excluding the channel islands!). The maps below will give you an idea of where it is. The land is rough and windswept, moorland mainly. My grandma lives not … Continue readingTin!

watering can

This watering can was the first ever mendium format photgraph that I made. I still love it. One of the things I most love about photography is it’s endless ability to make the commonplace into the extraordinary, and whilst I am in no way suggesting … Continue readingwatering can

Grandad – A poem

When I set up this blog I envisioned it as a general outlet for my creative side, not just photography. I deliberately started with photography as for a number of years that has been my primary creative outlet, but I am starting to write a … Continue readingGrandad – A poem


Throughout my entire photographic ‘career’ I have always just been enjoying taking photographs in the moment, enjoying where I am and what I am doing. More recently though, I have felt a calling to put some work into larger collections. A number of photographers that … Continue readingProjects